8 Best Moving Companies in Montreal (2021)

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8 Best Moving Companies in Montreal (2021)

The idea of a new location, a new direction and meeting new people is such an exciting idea. But moving your items and belongings from one place to another and thinking about packing and packaging may be nerve-wrecking. Henceforth, hiring a moving company is a wise decision to ensure a swift and effective move. Experience and expertise are ultimately required in order to get the job done as smoothly as possible. While searching for a reliable moving company in Montreal, it is highly important to make sure that you deal with a trustworthy and well-experienced company. Accordingly, here’s a list of 10 fully licensed and insured moving companies ready to tackle seamlessly any moving task set before them. You would be ultimately satisfied with these moving services. The testimonials mentioned below speak for themselves.

8 Best Moving Companies in Montreal (2021)
Company Google Review Google Rating Facebook Review Facebook Rating Total Number Weighted Average
Bust A Move 403 4.9 72 5 475 4.9
Déménagement Myette 503 4.9 151 5 654 4.9
ASAP Moving & Transport Inc 308 4.8 40 4.6 348 4.7
Anber Moving & Storage 201 4.6 41 5 242 4.8
Déménagements Sympathiques 369 5 95 5 464 5
Déménagement STC INC 40 4.9 5 5 45 4.9
We Haul Movers 63 4.7 4 4 67 4.3
Déménagement Androf 19 4.9 3 3 22 3.9

1 - Bust A Move

bust a move montreal

Bust a Move ensures to handle a satisfying moving experience and to offer transparency, honesty and all the best that it can give. Its professional and motivated movers will save you a huge chunks of time and assist you through every single step of the move. Based on the customers’ testimonials, the company shows strong commitment to the customer services. “They came on time, wrapped up the frames and the chairs. They were very friendly and courteous. I recommend, doubtlessly”, says one customer. If you want to make sure to put your belongings in good hands please call +1 866-922-0001

2 - Déménagement Myette

demenagement myette

Déménagement Myette ensures to save you from the nightmarish careless and sloppy moving and turn it into a completely relaxed process. This moving company also guarantees seamless and stressless services. Based on more than 400 reviews on Google, the company is rated 4.9 for its incredible services. A customer says that the company provides “super services, it is reliable. I recommend because it is eco-responsible as well”. Another satisfied customer says that “[the team] did a remarkable job with my mother in Montreal. They are efficient, patient and mindful. They are exceptional movers who have a good sense of humour and give significant attention to the emotional aspect of relocation”. If you are in Quebec and want to hire these motivated and friendly movers, please contact them by calling +1 514-800-2149

3 - ASAP Moving & Transport Inc

ASAP Moving & Transport Inc

ASAP Moving & Transport Inc offers you full moving services in Montreal. The company’s workforce members are ready to tackle any task set before them; basic or specialized, small or big. This company would give you the experience that would make you very glad and satisfied. The rates and costs are also quite affordable and won’t be a burden on your pocket. The testimonials maintain that it’s such a delight to hand the job of moving to ASAP Moving & Transport Inc for they treat the furniture, belongings and every single item with great care and assistance through every single step of the relocation. If you want to enjoy a swift moving experience, please contact them through their telephone number: +1 514-660-7077

4 - Anber Moving & Storage

Anber Moving & Storage

According to the online website, the company offers a wide range of moving-related services. If you need temporary storage solutions, cost-friendly moving packages and accurate moving estimates with no hidden external fees. The company’s flexibility and high quality services are explicitly expressed through the Google online reviews. “The movers were courteous and responded to our exact needs. I am very happy with their services. I have never hired them before. It’s a nice surprise!” The company’s customer’s services would be happy to answer your questions. +1 514-735-8148

5 - Déménagements Sympathiques

Déménagements Sympathiques

Déménagements Sympathiques or Friendly Movers will provide you with the best experience and expertise required for a smooth move. The company offers you with whatever you need for your move; efficiency, professionalism, transparency, patience and cooperation. This company is 5 star rated according to Google. The reviews speak for themselves: “excellent services! Courteous and professional. I highly recommend”, “a perfect adventure, from start to end. The team was professional and friendly. They impressed me. There is no wonder why everyone gave them 5 stars”, said some clients. For further information please contact:  +1 514-728-0421

6 - Déménagement STC INC

Déménagement STC INC

The offers outstanding customer service, reasonable price and stress-free moving. Though it acknowledges that putting one’s belonging into strangers’ hands might be hard, the company affirm that it values your trust, realizes the importance of your belongings and cares for your stuff. The process of packing, delivering and moving will be achieved under watchful eyes. The company’s high professionalism is largely expressed through and translated into its customers’ high appreciation. “I highly recommend this company for your moving. The services are so professional, fast and courteous”. If you have any queries, please get in touch with STC movers by calling +1 438-877-0455

7 - We Haul Movers

We Haul Movers

We Haul Movers is one of the top trusted moving companies. The company is flawlessly the moving needs of the consumer. It is well-reputed for its reliability, flexibility and professional moving services including commercial and residential moving. The company has been able to sustain such quality service through their experienced and dedicated workfoce members. The online testimonials stressed the company’s high professionalism. “Never did I think that moving could be FUN! Not only were our movers on time, they were also upbeat, friendly and FUN! The move was over in record time thanks to their hard work and professionalism. But we were having such a good time, we hated to see them go! Thank you so much for making our move a fun and stress-free experience”. To hire these reliable, friendly and strongly committed movers, please call +1 514-846-8080

8 - Déménagement Androf

déménagemment androf

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