8 best furniture stores in Montreal (2021)

8 best furniture stores in Montreal (2021)

best furniture store in montreal

The increase in the number of condos in Montreal means that most of us rent one, own one, or know someone who does. These small, urban-style homes are taking over most major cities in Canada and are now becoming the norm for renting and buying downtown. If you've just moved into a condo, or are planning to do so soon, you're probably already looking for some stylish furniture options. Chances are, you already have a Pinterest board full of ideas. In any case, we have created a list of the best local stores. Our top picks cover companies with a range of household items - from large rooms to smallest accessories to fit any space and budget. We looked at the entire shopping experience, from browsing the site to customer service and furniture delivery.

8 best furniture stores in Montreal (2021)
Company Google Review Google Rating Facebook Review Facebook Rating Total Number Weighted Average
Meubles Wazo 1557 4.4 S/O S/O 1557 4.4
BoConcept Laval 49 4.6 S/O S/O 49 4.6
EQ3 221 4.3 5 1.8 226 3.4
Mobilia 158 4.1 S/O S/O 158 4.1
Eco Depot 1108 4.3 414 4.6 1522 4.4
Meubles Loren 304 4.2 S/O S/O 304 4.2
Casavogue 242 4.6 25 4.2 267 4.4
Maison Mikaza 32 4.3 14 5 46 4.6

1 - Meubles Wazo

wazo meuble

In just five years, Wazo Furniture has carved its place in the Canadian furniture community. Founded by Robbin Wang in 2016, the brand has grown from its first head office in Montreal to become a trusted supplier of quality wood products to customers across Canada and beyond. Wazo's success is also based on a philosophy of building lasting partnerships and meeting the challenges of this industry. This was demonstrated recently during the pandemic, when the team had to adapt to increased customer demands and supply chain obstacles. Laure, a satisfied customer speaks of her experience saying “I am the new owner of my first house, I went to Wazo to check my option and Mohammed helped me. Excellent service, polite and dynamic, he was able to help me with my questions! Most importantly, he helped me create a list of things I would need from the store. It's a 5 for me!”
Address: 1000 Chemin du Golf, Verdun, QC H3E 1H4, Canada
Call: +1 800-684-6014

2 - BoConcept Laval  

BoConcept Laval

Customers are delighted with the service and advice they receive at BoConcept Laval! Support agents are extremely helpful and patient with clients; they even help them to design the bedroom or living room of their dreams thanks to professional tips. Regular customers are always satisfied with the quality of the products and the knowledgeable and experienced staff. Sometimes an agent from the company may even visit you to make sure you have the best purchased parts and that you are happy with your selections. Tania a happy customer left this review on Google “Amazing products, beautiful design, excellent service from A to Z! I am totally a fan of this concept! Hani has a great sense of style and was able to adapt to our needs with our new space by carrying out a project that suited us best.” Zeina also liked the quality of this store “It's impossible to go wrong with BoConcept. The pieces are timeless, both in their design and in their quality. It combines elegance, simplicity and comfort in a way that I haven't found anywhere else. Hani and Natasha provide amazing information and advice and are even more kind than helpful. In short, a wonderful experience, thank you!”
Address: 620 Blvd le Corbusier, Laval, Quebec H7N 0A9, Canada
Call: +1 450-681-1011

3 - EQ3 Montreal

EQ3 Montreal

EQ3 offers a variety of good quality products. The salespeople are always ready to answer all of your questions. They are also clear about the time required before receiving the product. Thanks to their incredible value for money, EQ3 is the best option for the budget of many people. Pat Tenneriello used the service of EQ3 and expressed his satisfaction with a very long review “Working with Jason is phenomenal at this store. He is knowledgeable, personable, professional but also fun. He consulted with us to find the best options, sizes and colors for our venue. He was patient and attentive (even after we changed our mind a few times!). We felt very comfortable with him, we never felt any pressure to buy. He also proactively followed up several times by phone after our purchase, to make sure our items would be, as he knew how important it was to us. We bought the Cello bed and the Cello sofa and the Novah standing desk. I had to return the Novah desk due to a problem with the lifting mechanism during installation, but the return went smoothly.”
Address: 4428 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2W 1Z5, Canada
Call: +1 514-982-9992

4 - Mobilia 


Mobilia was founded by Hans Kau, opening the first store in Montreal in 1966. Focusing on affordable prices, they will custom design products for you while keeping your budget in mind. The company prides itself on its strict quality standards and value for money. Decoration enthusiasts can find fantastic offers without sacrificing quality at Mobilia. You will find everything to meet your specific needs, such as a table for your dining room, a decoration for your office or a sofa for your living room. And because the company knows furnishings are expensive, buyers can take advantage of Mobilia's financing at no additional interest. Not only do they provide “high end” products at affordable prices, but Mobilia also gives back to the community. The Mobilia Foundation improves the living conditions of underprivileged Canadian families by donating furniture. Carlin was very happy with her experience with them. “We ordered a table from the downtown Montreal store and had a great time. We were helped by Camilo who found the right balance between being engaging and respectful of our willingness to shop on our own. He was familiar with Mobilia products and his advice was sincere, without emphasizing specific products.”
Address: 625 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O, Montreal, QC H3A 1L8, Canada
Call: +1 514-284-6624

5 - Eco Depot

Eco Depot

Eco Depot is another good option for people who seek to buy good furniture for a reasonable price. Their website is updated regularly and we are sure that you will eventually find what you are looking for, even if it might take some time. They always have new and unique items and you can make your purchase over the phone as well, so you can cease an opportunity as soon as an amazing piece comes along. So, make sure you are on the lookout when they add their daily pictures. This Google review by Alicia is a testament to the quality of service “The reason I leave a review on this place is the employees. They honestly deserve medals for the way they treat their customers. So helpful, kind and personable. But beyond that, I always find something there. Definitely worth the trip. And for anyone looking to buy a used bike (which seems to be difficult right now), they have a great selection of bikes that just need a little maintenance and they would be good to go. I love my new bike. I called her Fiona. "
Address: Suite 108 B, 150 Boulevard Montreal-Toronto, Lachine, QC H8S 1B8, Canada
Call: +1 514-637-8111

6 - Meubles Loren

Meubles Loren

Meubles Loren puts at your disposal the biggest brands like Shermag, Huppé, Mazin Furniture, Beaudoin, Crate Designs, Palliser, Bermex, Dutailier, JLM, Amisco, Monarch, Mobital and more. The store specializes in children's furniture. Their in-store specialists will assist you in purchasing your items. They provide you with quality furniture at low prices. They do their best to give you the best prices. Domenic bought an item from this company and is happy with the savings he made. “Great service. Lise gave me the best prices for the same parts I saw in big box stores. I bought it for $ 12,000, I saved $ 3000. I will stay there again, and HIGHLY recommend "Ahmed, another customer, is happy too" I am a newcomer and the Loren furniture people made me feel like family. Thank you to the whole team for helping me with the purchase of my furniture. Mounia has been very patient with me.”
Address: 7592 St Hubert St, Montreal, Quebec H2R 2N6, Canada
Call: +1 514-270-6727

7 - Casavogue

Casavogue montreal

When it comes to furniture, Casavogue has been the go-to destination for the people of Montreal since 1972; with a 35,000 square foot gallery to furnish your entire interior, this group has definitely left its mark in the world of design. Very high-quality products, renowned brands, affordable prices and flawless service make Casavogue a must-see showroom. Michaela was very happy with her purchase from Casavogue “I was trying to locate a particular designer dining table that I had seen online. I didn't have time to visit the store and Casa Vogue coordinated everything for me over the phone with speed and ease. I can't wait to visit their showroom to see all they have to offer.”
Address: 8260 Boulevard Saint-Michel, Montreal, QC H1Z 3E2, Canada
Call: +1 514-722-5828

8 - Maison Mikaza

Maison Mikaza

If you decide to go for Mikaza Home to buy your furniture, you will be impressed by their knowledge, chic inventory, and fair prices. As Canadians, you will also love that they offer a significant number of products that are made in Canada. Their staff go as far as take the time to ask about your home, your design style, and your budget to help you find just the right items for your needs. SevanChloe left a review expressing satisfaction with their service “Large selection of modern furniture made in Canada." I was quite impressed with the affordability of the locally made furniture! Excellent service and beautiful decoration too. I recommend!”
Address: 420 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest b8, Montreal, QC H2Y 1V3, Canada
Call: +1 514-225-7627

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