Are you looking for Quebec in Québec with an affordable price ? Here is a list of the nearest movers and deliverymen to your location.

Androf canada - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Electronic items such as air conditioners, TV units, etc., can be uninstalled only by technicians. However, several Delivery-man and movers can arrange for technicians.
Several delivery Man and movers offer rescheduling dates for the bookings made. It is advisable to confirm the same with the movers in question.
Most Delivery Man and movers provide live tracking services through which you can know the real-time location of your consignment.
Delivery Man and movers should be contacted at least 48 hours before relocation to confirm your booking.
The fees charged by Delivery Man and movers in Québec vary as per the number of items to be moved, weight of the items, distance to be covered, and other factors.
The items that Delivery Man and movers usually do not move are valuables such as gold and cash, flammable and hazardous items, explosives, etc.
Delivery Man and movers in Québec offer relocation services for vehicles such as Minivans, vans, and trucks.
Most movers think in terms of time. That is to say, the lesser the time, the lower the cost. These are easy ways to cut costs on your next move: Find as many free boxes as possible and pack everything yourself. This can save you hundreds of dollars. Moving your furniture yourself will save you loads of time and therefore money. If you are living in an apartment, prepare yourself for a DIY move. Move the light items downstairs and leave the tough furniture and special or valuable items to the pros to avoid any potential accidents or property damage. We also recommend a packing party! Invite your friends and family to assist you with packing and moving boxes outdoor. It is also recommended to help movers with putting the boxes into the truck. When it comes to mini-moves (such as suitcases, a table or a divan), it is highly recommended to hire a small moving company. One mover and a mini-van would be extremely sufficient. Also, when searching for mini-moving services make sure to contact and hire the nearest companies to your location. Overall, a well-organized move is the best cost-saving tip.
This depends on the items to be relocated. Most of our website advertisements carry pictures of the trucks and their dimensions. If the moving job does not involve a lot of items and you can help the movers, then do book for a small moving service. If you’ve got a lot of households and home appliances worth of moving, rent full-service movers, with a large truck. And always remember: to keep your moving costs really small and to avoid any additional charges, make sure to get organized during a move. Therefore, pack up everything yourself and help movers load it in the moving truck to be transported to their destination.
You have to set a moving budget (how much does it cost to rent a moving truck per hour? How much time will you take to bring it from home depot? Is there any possibility that you can drop it off at a different location? Is there anyone who could assist you? Etc.). For instance, if the truck rental company is far from you and you are not sure to be assisted by friends or family while moving, it would better to book for full-service movers. However, if the truck rental moving company is nearby and you get friends to help you move, you better rent a truck and do it yourself. As far as small moves are concerned, we recommend hiring nearby small movers and helping them load the moving truck. The moving bill will be more affordable than renting a truck.
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