Moving: all you need to know

3 weeks ago

Moving: all you need to know

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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Thank you for reaching out with your queries! This Q&A Session is devoted to your most frequently asked moving questions.

We appreciate your interest and we will make sure to answer as many questions as possible.

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Table of Content

1-    How to prepare a move?. 1

2-    Who to notify when moving?. 2

3-    From where to buy moving boxes in Montréal?. 2

4-    How much does it cost to hire movers or a moving company in Montreal?. 3

5-    How to organize a move?. 3




1-    How to prepare a move?

Planning relocation can be one of the major sources of stress and even frustration to many people in Montreal. However, this all depends on how you go about it. We have prepared an easy-to-do list based on our experiences and what we have learnt from the innumerable moves we’ve participated in. This will hopefully make your move less stressful.

First, make a list of the furniture and appliances that you need to move. This will help you determine the estimated size of the truck. This will also enable you to identify which items need special care and make a list of the unnecessary items you would get rid of. You may also call a charity to pick up the unwanted items.

Second, decide where to place your furniture after taking measurements at your new address. Also, make a plan on who would be taking care of your pets during the moving day. While packing keep aside some utensils, dishes, or food that you will use in the last days before the move. You can pack them on the day of the move. Drain fuel from all types of machinery to ensure a safe removal and make sure that you didn’t pack documents related to your move.

Third, consult a moving company, and book your movers after checking its credibility, the suitability of its price tags, and the validity of its insurance. You can use our review of the Best Moving Companies in Montreal beforehand. We had made sure to mention a list of trusted movers. If the movers did not show up, make sure to have a plan and someone else to call.


2-    Who to notify when moving?

Knowing whom to notify when moving is crucial. Make sure that you started working on your list at least one week before the move.

First, notify the Post office services so it will help you with changing your online address.

Second, please inform your employer, tax agencies, insurance providers and other financial institutions such as the Bank so that any paper that contains your personal information would be sent to your new address.

In addition, do not forget to put the water and electric companies as well as the garbage collectors on the page. Forgetting this step will make you pay extra bills or spend your first days in the dark!


3-    From where to buy moving boxes in Montréal?

Packing is the most crucial step of moving. It is as important as choosing the right moving agency. Here are a number of supply stores where you can find the perfect boxes for a safe relocation. Please note that some of the suppliers require & prior appointment.  

·       Montreal Box Depot: It will provide complete residential moving kits, supplies and accessories such as moving boxes, packing tape, packing paper, etc.  It is located at 5030 Rue Isabelle, Saint-Hubert, QC J3Y 6M1

You can also contact them via phone +1 514-557-4455

·       Moving Boxes Montreal: This agency will provide you with packaging solutions to prevent any in-transit damage or losses. Their offered moving bins are also eco-friendly and reusable. They are located on 2960 Rue Halpern, Saint-Laurent, QC H4S 1R2

Their provided phone number is the following: +1 514-335-2427


·       BoxBoxes Montreal: This online store puts at your service an enumerable series of boxes of different sizes and categories. The website is very helpful and easy to use. You can also add to your basket all types of moving supplies, kits and bundles. They are located at 1200 50e Avenue Lachine QC H8T

You can also contact them using the following information: Phone 514-880-0230 and email:

·       PolarBox: According to the Google reviews, 4.8-rated store delivers the most efficient boxes for all packing needs. They are large, sturdy and easy to be moved with a cart. It saves much time. Their location is the following: 2434 West Hill Avenue, Montreal, QC, H4B 2S4

Phone: +1 855-226-2699

4-    How much does it cost to hire movers or a moving company in Montreal?

Though moving companies differ in the quality of their services and their pricing criteria, the normal hourly-rate ranges from $80-90 per hour for two men, and $100-120 per hour for three men. Loading and unloading allow approximately one hour per room. These prices vary depending on the time of the year. For instance, moving is much cheaper in winter. However, on July 1st the prices can flare up reaching even $200 and $300 per hour. Please bear in mind that for long distances, extra fees would be added to your bill. Generally, movers ask for payment when the move is done, except for peak times, they require a deposit.

5-    How to organize a move?

Moving can be a chaotic task. Yet, the more you get organized the smoother your relocation will be. Here are some tips that will make your move dead simple!

Start with the ‘purging phase’; clearing clutter from your home and getting rid of unnecessary items. Set them aside to donate or sell them. Then move on to sorting things by category. That is to say, determine the different areas and details of your new address (e.g kitchen, room1, room2, laundry room, Adam’s office). Attribute labels to every area and stick them on the box. For example, if there’s a yellow label on the box, this means that the latter belongs to the kitchen, but if it had a pink label it belongs to the living room. If the label is blue, then the box contains books that should be placed in the new house library.

These ‘code-boxes’ will help you save a lot of time and avoid loads of stress because you are not required to remember what you have packed in every box weeks ago.  You can also write the list of items that the box contains on the label. Your calendar may effectively help you to organize all the different tasks of moving. Otherwise, download moving apps for a customized to-do checklist.


If you have any more questions or come across any other issue, please let us know, we’ll be happy to help.

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