Do you need to transport a couch, table, fridge, stove, or other large and bulky item that requires a large vehicle, like a truck or a minivan? Good news: you’re in the right place! Welcome to ANDROF CANADA, a convenient transportation solution that ensuring that you’ll never need to rent a huge truck to transport small goods, again. ANDROF CANADA connects you with local delivery services and movers that meet your needs and expectations and offer the best prices available. Using the platform is fast, easy, and efficient: you won’t even need to register! You simply need to choose the section that best addresses your particular needs. You’ll instantly receive a list of the closest service providers to your location.

Our History

I’m Canadian, and like most Canadians the places from where I shop vary quite a lot: sometimes I find something online, other times on Facebook Marketplace. Kijiji may catch my eye, as well, as I do shop from local stores. The deals I find might be big on discounts, but they may also be bigger than the backseat of my car! I’m not the one who passes up amazing deals on a couch, table with chairs, fridge, stove, bed or other large items, even in the face of transportation issues. That’s why I founded ANDROF CANADA - for my fellow bargain-hunters with big dreams and small cars.

Why does a Large Item Delivery represent Such an Issue?

Unfortunately, when many buyers find themselves running out of both time and options, the delivery often costs more than the items themselves. For instance, the first time I shopped from Facebook Marketplace, I was looking for a reasonable price on a 3-seater sofa. Luckily, I found one! It was 70% off with the perfect size, shape, and color. I was thrilled! I paid the seller and called a carrier to help me get my new treasure home. I unpleasantly discovered that the cost of transporting my new sofa for a distance that would take only ten minutes by car would cost nearly as much as the sofa itself.

Why Does a Large Item Delivery Cost So Much?

Large item delivery isn’t designed for single-piece moving - these types of service compagnies count on bigger jobs, like moving the contents of a house, or several pallets of goods. Therefore, to move a small single piece like my couch, they still need to bring a large 12-foot box truck - and the gas cost to reach my initial destination is roughly the same amount for one furniture piece as it is for a whole truck full. Additionally, it is important to notice that not all large items delivery services and moving trucks are located close to your destinations. That means movers are more likely to drive large distances to move that single piece for a relatively short distance. They would certainly include it in the moving expenses that will inevitably drive up the price tag. Other factors may weigh in as well - high temperature or cold weather (snow and rain, etc), the availability of an elevator, traffic conditions, difficulty parking, and so on. Each factor can potentially drive up the cost of a moving service until a customer, like me, finds himself/herself facing huge costs to move a small item. ANDROF CANADA: An Affordable Alternative to costly Delivery and Moving Services

Advantages for the Buyer

There are no fees, nor any unforeseen costs. No obligation to register on the site either: just select your needs and location, and we’ll connect you with an item transportation provider in your area. They’ll use a minivan of approximately 7 feet long (as opposed to a huge, gas-guzzling 12 foot truck) to move items like a 3 seater sofa quickly, easily, and affordably.

Advantages for the Provider

There are no extra fees and no unexpected costs to establish and publish your business information on our platform. You’ll receive an ongoing source of insightful leads, allowing you to acquire new customers and conquer new businesses - simply by being in the right place at the right time.